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About The Sex and Cannabis Study

The Study is a prospective research study conducted by Redington Research on the effects of cannabis on sexual desire, health and dysfunction.

Long believed to hold immense medicinal, aphrodisiacal, and restorative properties, more Canadians than ever are using cannabis as a natural treatment for intimacy concerns, sexual dysphoria and a variety of medical symptoms known to negatively impact sexual desire and performance.

Now, in an effort to build the largest and most conclusive database of sex and cannabis knowledge in Canada, The Sex & Cannabis Study brings together leading sex therapists and cannabis experts to provide education and direction on cannabis usage for positive sexual outcomes.

All study participants receive access to a wide selection of distinct strains shown to improve sexual performance and/or provide effective treatment of medical symptoms that cause sexual dysfunction or decreased sexual libido.

Once enrolled in the study and actively using medical cannabis, the progress of each participant is monitored through monthly questionnaires designed by sexologists and cannabis educators to measure individual participant outcomes based on one or more of the following conditions:







How to Participate in The Sex and Cannabis Study

Below, you will find the steps involved in participating in The Sex & Cannabis Study. Please note that at any time participants are welcome to contact The Sex and Cannabis Study team with requests to change their medical cannabis strain(s), increase the gram allowance of their prescription or de-enroll from The Sex and Cannabis Study.

Please note that participation in the Sex and Cannabis study is limited to individuals seeking medical cannabis for intimacy concerns, dysphoria, sexual disorders and/or a diagnosed medical condition(s)

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Advantages to Participating in The Sex & Cannabis Study

All participants in the The Sex and Cannabis Studyreceive free counselling with an experienced sexologist, as well as free medical cannabis licensing through The Sex & Cannabis network of compassionate physicians. The study also offer all participants free education on strain selection, forms of ingestion and storage from an experienced cannabis expert. In addition, all study participants have access to medical cannabis pre-selected for their therapeutic properties courtesy of our study partner Golden Medical.

Please note that participation in the Sex & Cannabis study is limited to individuals seeking medical cannabis for intimacy concerns, dysphoria, sexual disorders and/or a diagnosed medical condition(s).


The Team

The Sex and Cannabis Study is headed by the following team of therapists, physicians and medical cannabis researchers. Meet our team members below:

Dr. Celeste Thirlwell

Dr. Celeste Thirlwell

BSc (neuro), MD, FRCPC

Dr. Celeste Thirlwell is a psychiatrist and sleep medicine specialist with a background in neurosurgery, neuroscience research and pain management. Her clinical practice focuses on treating insomnia, PTSD, concussion, and chronic pain using cutting-edge neuroscience-based techniques such as medical cannabis, laser therapy, EMDR, and yoga.

She is also a tantric goddess and guru, having studied tantric yoga for over two decades.

She founded the Sleep/Wake Awareness Program (SWAP) in 2014. SWAP uses an integrative, multimodal approach to healing that assesses patients on a physical, biochemical, electrical grid, and neuro-emotional level. Her integrative approach combines Western medicine with Eastern philosophy to help her patients move towards optimum health, empowerment, and bliss with the added benefit of greater awareness and mind blowing sex.


Carlen Costa


Carlen Costa is a Sexologist, Love Leader and Registered Psychotherapist with a background in mindfulness, solution focused therapy, motivational interviewing and CBT. Her expertise and experience has enabled her success in counseling self identified men, self identified women, trans-identified and other various self identities in all of their intimate, pansexual experiences. She encourages and addresses concerns people have in their lives, through the modality of talk therapy, in-office and online.

A graduate from The University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College, she went on to the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. IASHS is home to some of the world’s most talented and influential in the ever evolving practice of sexology. She is privileged and honoured to be working among a prestigious class of professionals within the field of sexology.

Her current areas of interest are female sexuality, female intimacy and lifestyle, relational body image, anxiety and trauma informed treatment.

Our Service

All Participants

in the Sex & Cannabis Study Receive:

Free medical cannabis licensing (if needed)

Consultation with a physician experienced in cannabis therapy via telemedicine

Free medical cannabis education on strain selection, forms of ingestion and safe cannabis storage

Direct counselling via telehealth with a professional sexologist

A selection of medical cannabis strains by study partner, Golden Medical, that have shown effectiveness in treating sexual disorders and/or increasing sexual desire.

Monthly questionnaires to gauge the effectiveness of medical cannabis strains on sexual desire, disorders and general health.

Please note that participation in the Sex & Cannabis study is limited to individuals seeking medical cannabis for intimacy concerns, dysphoria, sexual disorders and/or a diagnosed medical condition(s).

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